Bangladesh Govt gifts Biggest land for Hindu Temple

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Dhaka – Prime Minister of Bangladesh on Monday announced one and a half bigha i.e. 26136 Sq. Ft land to Bangladesh’s biggest temple.

The 71-years-old Prime Minister – Sheikh Hasina – visited country’s biggest Dhakeshwari temple during Durga Puja and grants Hindu community a gift worth Rs 50 crore in Bangladeshi Taka (Rs 43 crore INR).

The news captivated Indian media, where Hindu right-wing organizations push the minorities to give away their religious lands for Hindu temples, while an adjacent Muslim majority honors the minority.

According to The Economic Times, she also decided to increase the corpus of funds of the Hindu Kalian Trust to 100 crore taka from 21crore taka.

Hasina carries the slogan: ‘Dhormo JaarJaar, Utsob Shobar’ (religion is individual right but festivities belong to all).