Iran continues to crack down Sunni Hanafi Scholars of Baloch Province

Baloch – Three more Sunni scholars of Hanafi school of thought were arrested by the Iranian security forces on Wednesday in the Baloch Province, in a drive to crack down Sunni influence in the region.

Initially, Iranian security forces surrounded and desecrated Qalamoee Sunni school in Sirik – Hormozgan province, and later arrested Molavi Ahmad Qolandarzai, Molavi Ayyub Ahmadi, and Molavi Hashem Jafarzadeh.

[File photo: Qalamoee Sunni School raided by Iranian forces]

Following their arrest, security forces also raided the scholars’ houses, and threw some of their possessions on road.

The reason for the arrests remain unknown. Iranian authorities are infamous for voilently cracking down Sunni minorities of the country.