Indians top the list of hardest working people in the world, survey claims

According to a recent survey done by Kronos Incoporated, an international workforce management company, Indians are the most hardworking people in the world.

The survey had the questionnaire, ‘would you like to work for five days a week, though you can work for lesser days for the same salary?’

69 per cent Indians responded ‘Yes’, while there were 43 per cent Mexicans, 27 per cent Americans, 19 per cent Australians, and 17 per cent French.

When asked about working four days a week if the salary remained the same, 34 per cent of the global workers (one-third) would opt to work four days a week and 20 per cent would prefer to work for three days a week.

Interestingly, 35 per cent of participants were ready to sacrifice their 20 per cent salary if they are provided the option to work a day less in the week.

When asked about working more than 40 hours every week, the US topped the list with 49 per cent of the participants working overtime. They were followed by India (44 per cent), Mexico (40 per cent) and Germany (38 per cent).

Even though the workers in Australia and the UK were not working for the most number of hours but they claimed that they did not get sufficient time in the day to complete their work.