“Love India and work for its betterment”: Kaba Mufti tells Varanasi Madrasa graduates


Varanasi – The Mufti of grand mosque of Makkah – Moulana Wasiullah Abbas – arrived in Varanasi on Wednesday for a two day alumni convocation ceremony of the Islamic seminary, Jamia Salafiyah Banaras, held on Thursday and Friday.

The Indian-born Saudi citizen, Moulana Abbas, was accompanied by Moulana Zafarul-Hasan Madani from Sharjah-UAE, Moulana Abdurrazak Salafi from UAE, Moulana Anwar Qasmi Salafi from Kuwait, Moulana Abdul Mannan from Nepal, and other top scholars of Salafi school of thought, were present at the convocation ceremony.

Moulana Abbas urged the students of the Madrasa to love their motherland India and work for its betterment while strictly following the tenets of Islam.

He said, “Islam teaches the lessons of love and harmony, and we are brothers to each other. We have to honor each other.”

Sharjah-based scholar, Moulana Zafarul-Hasan Madani said, “the graduates of this seminary have been illuminating India’s fame in different parts of the world.”

The Vice Chancellor of the seminary, Moulana Younus Madani, highlighted the seminary’s contribution in producing great men who have contributed to the Indian society as well.

He said, “the aim of the seminary is not only to produce Islamic scholars, but also great men who contribute for the betterment of the country.”

The general secretary of the seminary, Moulana Abdullah Saud Salafi, highlighted the good and bad sides of the social media and its impact on the society.

Jamia was founded in 1963 by the ambassador of Saudi Arabia – Yusuf Al-Fauzan – under the movement of All India Ahle Hadith Conference (The biggest wing of Jama’at Ahle Hadith).

Then it was inaugurated in 1966 by Allama Abdul Qadir Shaibatul Hamd – the representative of Sheikh Ibn Baz, the Vice Chancellor of Jamia Islamia, Madina – Saudi Arabia.

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