UAE Court jails an Asian man for stealing sandals from a Mosque


Abu Dhabi – An Asian man has received one month jail for stealing expensive pair of sandals, costing Dh700, from a mosque in Abu Dhabi.

The victim who went to pray at a mosque near Adnoc (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) petrol pump in Ghantoot, where he found his costly sandals missing after the prayers.

He initially filed a Police complain, and the UAE Police rigorously investigated the case after monitoring CCTV cameras of the locality.

An Asian man was arrested, and during the interrogation he admitted of mistakenly wearing the sandals, however Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal rejected his lame excuse and initially handed him three-years jail term followed by his deportation from the country.

However, the suspect pleaded in the court to pardon his crime, following which the court reduced his punishment to one month.

UAE is one of the toughest countries in the world against the theft cases. A minimum of one year jail will be slapped against any kind of theft or robbery.

According to Article 389 of the UAE Penal Code, if a person is spotted stealing at places of worship, inhabited places, in means of transportation, bus or railway station, airport, through climbing over the fence, breaking-in, or through using of duplicated/genuine keys without the owner’s consent, by impersonating a public official, stealing from cattle or animals that transport goods.

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