FAKE VIDEO: Saudi girl didn’t hug Enrique, it was a girl from Baku

Riyadh – The viral video of a Saudi female fan of Enrique Iglesias jumping onto the stage and hugging him tightly has turned out to be fake. It originally belongs to a concert held in Baku – Azerbaijan in 2016.

A pro-Qatari twitter account Ahlawiyah-Mulkiyah on December 15 ignited the propaganda alleging that a Saudi girl hugged Igleasias, later the propaganda was carried forward by different anti-Saudi twitter accounts. Neither the girl is Saudi nor was the concert held in Riyadh.

The original video titled – “Enrique Iglesias fan saved in Baku” – was uploaded on July 5 2016, which has so far received over 3.9 Million hits.

Iglesias performed at the inaugural ceremony of Formula E race on Thursday, which was attended only by the E race audience, however, the concert was not open for common public.