Senior Bush dies at the age of 94

Washington – America’s 41st President, and World War Two veteran, George Herbert Walker Bush, famously known “Senior Bush” died at the age of 94 on late Friday.

A decendent of the Bush family, he was born on 12 June 1924 in Milton, Massachusetts, to Prescott Bush and Dorothy Walker Bush.

Senior Bush served as 43rd Vice President of United States from 1981 till 1989 before assuming the position of President from 1989 till 1993.

He belonged to the Republican Party, and prior to becoming President he was also a Congressman, Ambassador and Director of Central Intelligence (CIA from 1976 – 1977).

He has been simply referred as “Bush 41” or “Senior Bush”, since 2001 in order to distinguish him from his eldest son George W. Bush who became 43rd President of United States.

Senior Bush will be buried according to the Christian rituals in the grave yard of his presidential library in College Station, Texas. He will be buried alongside his wife and daughter Robin, who are already buried at the same gated grave site.