Saudi Scholars are more matured than me, says Yusuf Qardawi while slamming Iran and Hezbollah


Renowned scholar of the fascist organization Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi has slammed Iran and Hezbollah for supporting the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad.

Speaking at a festival in Doha six years ago, Qaradawi regretted: “I kept calling for years (for efforts) to bridge the gap between sects, and traveled to Iran during the era of former President Mohammad Khatami (but) these fanatics (in Iran) and hard-liners want to disempower the Sunnis. They deceived me and deceived many others like me by saying that they too want to bridge the differences.”

He added: “Years ago, I defended Hassan Nasrallah, who has named his party Hezbollah, although it is indeed a party of idols and party of devils who are defending Assad.”

“Several years ago, I stood against the great ulema and scholars in Saudi Arabia, urging them to support Hezbollah, but Saudi sheikhs were more mature and more visionary than me, because they knew the (Iranians and Hezbollah) for being liars. They call him Nasrallah,” said Qaradawi, “but he supports injustice and falsehood, and he came to kill Sunnis (in Syria).”

“Every Muslim trained to fight and capable of doing that (must) make himself available” to support the Syrian fighters, he said.

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