Tehran University Students chant “Death to the Dictator” while protesting against the Mullah regime


Tehran – In solidarity with students at the Science and Research Faculty of Azad (Free) University, students at Tehran University and other academic institutions staged a demonstration on Monday at Enghelab Square and in front of Tehran University to protest the death of several students in the deadly bus accident a few days earlier.

Throngs of repressive forces, including anti-riot units and plainclothes agents had been stationed there to prevent the spread of the protest.

The students were chanting, “Have no fear, we’re all together,” “neither threats, nor prison, can deter us,” and “death to the dictator.”

Plainclothes agents charged at the students and fired teargas canisters to disperse the crowd, who responded by chanting “you scoundrels”. The protesters called for the dismissal of Ali Akbar Velayti, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s advisor and Azad University’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

At the same time, Azad University students continued their protests for the third day running. They blocked the University’s main road despite the fact that intelligence agents, the so-called university security, had installed fences around the University Square the night before to prevent any gathering from taking shape. Students stopped a vehicle driven by the regime’s armed agents.

The Iranian Resistance hails the brave students, young people and women who staged protests at Enghelab Square, Tehran University, and Azad University’s Science and Research Faculty. It calls on all Iranians, especially the courageous youths, to support them.

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