Panicked Kashmiri students outside the valley is worth concerning


By Dr. Abdul Lateef al-Kindi

Establishment of Trans World Muslim University has become the need of the hour now.

Kashmiri people in different places from India are being targeted, vandalized. Tradesmen and even students have not been left . On the other hand Kashmiri students from different universities of India have become more victims, some have been suspended while some have been rusticated, some are detained, but the world watches the entire thing as a mere spectator.

Regarding this issue, President Jamiat Ahle-Hadees Jammu and Kashmir, Professsor GH Mohammad Bhat al-Madni and General secretary Dr-Abdul Latif al-Kindi al-Madni expressed their views about Trans World Muslim University.

Jamiat Ahle-Hadees J&K proposed long ago the establishment of Trans World Muslim University in the Kashmir valley but government  did not approve the bill .Today, we see Kashmiri students outside the state are suffering and hence the establishment of such a university becomes the need of the hour and it would have benefited the students a lot. Now, the establishment of Trans World Muslim University has become compulsion to avoid future sufferings.

Our main motive was and will be that our Kashmir students should get Education at their door steps in Kashmir so they don’t have to step out to face troubles.

Today  Kashmir reminds us again that it’s the time to transform the dream of Trans World Muslim University into reality. While expressing Dr Abdul Latif al-Kindi also said all security measures, and possible steps should be taken for the safety of Kashmiri students outside, while patients in hospitals should be also provided assurance of safety.

While mentioning about Kashmiri vehicles being set a blaze, he demanded compensation and the culprits should be deal with proper law.

Muslims from Jammu appreciate and thank Jamia Masjid Jammu Jamiat Ahle-Hadees for providing food, and shelter to the stranded passengers.

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