Gays and Atheists are my “closest friends”, tweets Mehdi Hasan in support of Gay-marriages

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Qatar – The infamous journalist of Qatar’s Al-Jazeera, Mehdi Hasan tweeted on Saturday in favor of Gays, Atheists, and same-sex marriages while calling them his “closest friends”. He regretted over his “extremist” past where he would make “stupid comments”.

In a thread of tweets, he said, “I now believe that you can’t really live in a secular society without supporting a legal right to marry for same-sex couples.”

In the following tweet, he expressed his deep and close ties with Owen Jones and Glenn Greenwald, whom he acknowledged them as a gay and an atheist respectively. He told that he realized sense and maturity at his 40th birthday, since he used to make “stupid remarks” in his early 20s.

Responding to Hasan’s thread, Owen Jones called him “Absolute Superstar Mehdi”.

Hasan is the presenter of the Al-Jazeera English shows—The Café, Head to Head and UpFront, and the co-author of a biography of Ed Miliband and the political editor of the UK version of The Huffington Post.

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