Brunei bravely declares Shariah punishment against Adultery and Homosexuality to preserve Family values

Brunei – Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei has daringly introduced Shariah law on Wednesday, to punish adulterers and homosexuals in order to bring the sense of justice and fairness, and to bring happiness and joy among his citizens by preserving the societal values.

Sultan decided to implement Shariah back in 2013, but the move met harsh international protests including threats to withdraw foreign investments from country’s sovereign wealth fund.

However, on Wednesday Sultan bravely declared the implementation of Shariah law that allows stoning the adulterers and homosexuals, and the amputation in case of robbery and theft.

Homosexuality has been illegal in Brunei with 10 years of imprisonment, but the new law includes whipping and stoning.

The law will be applied to non-Muslim and Muslim citizens. However apostasy punishment will be carried out against only Muslims.

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs has warned its citizens to exercise the safety precautions when visiting the Sultanate and to respect the Sultan’s decision.

Adultery and Homosexuality is deemed forbidden in Islam, and Muslims believe the two evils bring wrath and destruction upon the society and family values.

But, all Shariah codes are implemented after thorough investigation and proper evidence gathering, no punishment is carried out in a jest. In fact, another set of punishments is carried out against defamers and slanderers, since the fundamental aspect of the Shariah law is to bring justice, fairness, and truth.