FAITH: The Diseases of Heart


by Zoha Fatima

Our hearts become defective and weak, and this problem revolves around two basic matters—the corruption of knowledge and the corruption of intent, and these in turn lead to two destructive illnesses – anger and misguidance. Misguidance being the end result of corruption of knowledge and anger being the end result of the corruption of intent. 

So these two diseases are the lords of all the ailments that afflict the heart.  Its cure lies in guidance based on knowledge. Guidance based on knowledge is to know the Truth and to follow it. The whole of the Qur’aan is a cure for these two diseases and others and it contains perfect guidance.

The heart can never be alive and correct except through cognizance of the truth and loving and preferring it to everything else. There can never be any happiness or joy, unless it makes its sole objective to worship Allah alone and desire His pleasure. This can never be perfected except through purification of the heart, repentance, and relinquishing it from all types of false loves and despicable manners.

All of the diseases of the heart are founded upon desires and doubts. The life of the heart and its illumination is the cause of all good to be found in it, and its death and darkness is the cause of all evil to be found in it.

The hearts are of three types:

The Sound Heart: first type of heart, it is humble, soft and gentle heart.

The Dead Heart: dry, harsh and zombie heart.

The Sick Heart: it is the heart which is diseased, it can either be made secure or have its destruction sealed.

The Prophet  often used to supplicate, beginning with: “I seek refuge in You, O Allaah, from knowledge that does not benefit, and from a heart which does not fear.” [At-Tirmithi, Abu Daawood, An-Nasaa’i and Ibn Maajah]

Allaah, the Most High, informs us:

“He brings out the living from the dead, and brings out the dead from the living.” [Quran 30:19].

“Those who reject our signs are deaf, dumb and in darkness.” [Quran 6:39].

The Four poisonous diseases of the heart

Unnecessary talks: lead to unnecessary conversation about people or anything related to them. Example: backbiting , slandering, mocking, etc.

Unrestrained Glances: Staring and gazing without restraint is disobedience to Allaah, as Allaah says, “Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that is more purifying for them. Surely Allaah is aware of what they do.” [Quran 24:30] .

Too Much Food: Al-Miqdam Ibn Ma’d Yakrib said:  “I heard the Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) say: “The son of Adam fills no vessel more displeasing to Allaah than his stomach. A few morsels should be enough for him to preserve his strength. If he must fill it, then he should allow a third for his food, a third for his drink and leave a third empty for easy breathing.”

Keeping Bad Company: Worst companionship is a chronic disease that causes much harm. How often the wrong kind of companionship and intermixing with ungrateful people planted discord in their hearts which even the passage of time – even if it were long enough for mountains to be worn away – has been unable to dispel.

So if you, O servant of Allaah, wish to cure your heart then it is upon you to be truthful with regards to:

  • Seeking refuge with Allaah.
  • Putting trust in Him.
  • Praying a great deal of supererogatory prayers.
  • Performing the actions of obedience to Allaah frequently.
  • Performing the night prayer while the people are sleeping.
  • Making heart continuously stick to the remembrance of Allaah.
  • Befriending only the righteous.
  • Frequently reciting the Qurâan.

And Allaah will indeed allow all of this to be preserved by Him.

Zoha Fatima is a ninth grade student of Indian International School Riyadh, she has a flare for writing and she dreams to be a writer.

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