OPINION: No Muslim can avenge victims of Christchurch by killing Peaceful Srilankan Christians


by Assim al-Hakim

The Muslims can never do such a thing, not even their worst terrorists who claim to be Muslim!

Politics is dirty!

If you want to solve a crime, think like criminals and put yourself in their shoes.

I respect Christians as human beings. However the way they sometimes think is hampering their logic.

When a father kills his own dutiful, righteous, loving and sinless son in order to save and forgive the sins of his other evil children, there surely must be something wrong.

The logic would mandate that you punish the evil children for their sins and not the good pious son! Never the less, this is what the Christians believe and this is their religion and choice.

But when they want to cascade this weird way of thinking to us Muslims, this is not acceptable as Muslims don’t think this way!

If a Muslim terrorist wanted to avenge the victims of ChristChurch, they wouldn’t target the innocent Christian community who had never done anything wrong to their Muslim countrymen in peaceful Sirilanka. Logic would dictate that such imbecile terrorists would unjustly target the family of the assailant, his country or those who defended him!

The Muslims and Christians in Sirilanka are a minority. To cause a drift between them would only serve the real enemy who would benefit from such a drift. It would justify any future atrocities against the Muslim Rohingya as they are Muslims. It will allow them to close more masjids, Islamic centers and Islamic schools worldwide. They can target muslim scholars because one of the attacker’s used to watch his lectures!

The Muslims can never do such a thing, not even their worst terrorists who claim to be Muslim!

The Muslims who died in Christchurch were 50 in number. Thousands of Muslims are being killed on daily basis in occupied Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan. Hundreds of thousands are being prosecuted in China and thousands of Muslim families are being deprived from their civil and religious rights in Europe in order to force them change their religion and brainwash their children!

Do you want me to believe that terrorists left all these and wanted to avenge only 50? Even Bollywood can make a better script!

Many Muslims had died is such inhuman attacks, among them were two Muslim Saudia airlines crew members. These attacks were not carried out by Muslim terrorists!

In the Christchurch massacre, there were Christians who justified such attacks and were not accused or condemned. Not a single Muslim among the 1.7 billion Muslims justified such heinous terrorists attacked.

Stop accusing Islam!

Assim al-Hakeem is an Imam at Masjid in Jeddah – Saudi Arabia, he regularly appears on Islamic Satellite channels. He tweets under @Assimalhakeem.

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