Sadhvi’s “curse” remarks on Karkare extremely hurt Ex-Indian Army General

Bhopal — The retired Indian army general Lt. General D.S. Hooda on Sunday said that he was extremely hurt by Sadhvi Pragya Thakur’s irreparable “curse” remarks against Police officer Hemant Karkare who was killed in the 26/11 terror attack.

“Yes, it does hurt when such things are said about a martyr, be it from the army or the police. Full respect should be shown to them. These utterances are not good,” said Hooda

Hooda is the former Commander of Northern Army, which carried out surgical strikes in Pakistan in September 2016 after the Uri terror attack.

“I had told him you will be finished, and he was killed by terrorists in less than two months,” Thakur said about Karkare that she had “cursed” him for arresting her, and he died owing to the curse.