Gun jams when the victim recites Quran instead of panicking


Toronto – A video went viral on social media which shows a Muslim man in Toronto was about to get a head-shot but the gun jammed when he started reciting Quran instead of panicking.

The famous former rapper Napolean Mutah Beale shared the video on his Facebook page glamorizing the “miraculous” escape of the victim.

According to the video description, “Muslim brother in Toronto left Tarawih prayer when someone walked behind him with a gun and pulled the trigger but the gun jammed, a friend of his who spoke about the incident, mentioned that the brother heard someone walking behind him quickly late at night, instead of panicking he decided to recite the Quran, when he turned around he saw the suspect walking away. He had no idea that he pointed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger. Allah Protected him Alhamdulillah.”

Hate-crimes against Muslim minorities is on surge in the western nations due to the high-rate conversions from other faiths to Islam. Despite a call implement anti-Gun laws it is estimated that over 393 million U.S. civilians own firearms and that 35% to 42% of the households in the country have at least one gun.

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