Saudi Arabia gives Ramadan Food worth $1 Million to Afghanistan


Kabul – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has extended its support with goods $1 Million to the poor Afghan Muslims during the month of Ramadan with food baskets consisting of rice, tea, dates and flour, that would be distributed to 20,000 households in the five major Afghan cities in the coming weeks.

The aid is provided by the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief), according to the Saudi Embassy in Kabul, which willbe given to the returning Afghan refugees and to those affected by last year’s droughts and heavy floods which took 250 lives.

“We welcome the assistance provided during the month of Ramadan, it will reduce problems for people,” Mohammad Nateqi, a former diplomat to Libya told media.

“The distribution process has already begun in Kabul and will continue for the entire month of Ramadan in four other provinces,” Sayed Abdul Basit Ansari, a spokesman for the Ministry of Refugee Repatriation, said.

“Saudi Arabia is in the vanguard for distribution of aid during the month of Ramadan. We are very grateful to them,” he added, saying he hoped other nations would follow suit.

Hashmat Bahaduri, a spokesman for the Ministry of Disaster Management, said that the Kingdom has increased its aid to Afghanistan since last year.

“Saudi Arabia has delivered aid during emergency periods in the past. KSRelief’s distribution during Ramadan is a very effective method to keep people safe,” Bahaduri said.

There are around 1.4 million displaced Afghanis due to the ongoing conflit with the Afghan Taliban fighters and the recent natural disasters.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been providing aid to Afghanistan for decades since the Soviet invasion in 1979 when Riyadh became the powerhouse of financial and military support.

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