Hindu man beheads own nephew to please “Choru” deities for good harvest

Orrisa — A Hindu man from Jadamunda village of India’s Orrisa state was arrested for beheading his 12-year-old nephew in order to appease deities to get good crop harvest.

According to India Today report, Chintamani Majhi, 48, persuaded his nephew to come along with him to the fields on Saturday, no sooner they reached the ritualistic spot, Manjhi hacked him to death with a billhook.

The victim’s elder brother who grew suspicious and was watching them from a distance, when he saw his younger brother getting killed, he screamed and called the villagers.

They later called the Police and Manjhi was arrested.

According to Police, Manjhi confessed the crime which he did in order to please Hindu deities which he refers as “Choru” for bountiful harvest before the start of the new cropping season.

“We received information that an uncle killed his nephew in Jadamunda village. We have detained Chintamani Majhi and seized the weapon used in the murder. Chintamani said he did it for “Choru” but further investigation will reveal the actual reason behind killing,” Nirmal Chandra Panigrahi, the inspector-in-charge, told reporters.