Man throws wife into River for refusing to have sex with a Hindu Tantrik


Uttar Pradesh — A man drowned his wife in a river in northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh for refusing to commit sex with a Hindu Tantrik (Occultist). Police arrested both the husband and the Tantrik for the crime on Thursday.

According to the Police, the Hindu Tantrik Santdas Durga Das ordered a 32-year-old woman to commit sex with him in order to attain higher level of sprituality and to get rid of worldly tensions. However, when the woman refused to perform the act. Das ordered her husband Maanpal to drown her in the river to get rid of a disloyal wife.

The whole incident was witnessed by victim’s teenage son, who was warned by the Tantrik that he would end up with the same fate if he ever tries to interfere in his mother’s execution.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Akash Kulhari said victim’s brother Rajesh Kumar, in a complaint to the Dadon police station, said his panic-stricken sister had called him two days ago, urging him to intervene.

Kumar said that initially the matter seemed to be solved amicably but on Thursday Maanpal coaxed his wife to come along with him to a nearby river, and pushed her into it.

No sonner the victim was pushed into the river, Maanpal and the Tantrik swan across the river to the neighboring Badaun district.

Police also mentioned that Das has had a criminal record. He was arrested last year for possessing a large quantity of heroin.

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