CRISIS: Hyderabad youth gathers 32 NGOs for “Recharge Hyderabad” concept to preserve ground water

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Hyderabad — A Hyderabadi youth gathered 32 NGOs on a single platform to run “Recharge Hyderabad” campaign to preserve ground water and to promote rain water harvesting techniques.

26-year-old Adnan Qamar, president of Better India Association (BIA) and a member of variety of socio-reform movements initiated “Recharge Hyderabad Campaign” last month with the primary focus to educate citizens regarding the crisis of ground of water depletion and the scientific techniques to preserve it.

“If we don’t act now there would be a time when the Hyderabad and other Metro cities of India would definitely run out of water and would have to follow Singapore’s model of using recycled sewage water for drinking,” Qamar said while addressing media correspondents.

“To avoid worst and to have this amazing bounty on us of using fresh drinking water, everyone must strive to save water, conserve it and implement waste water management techniques,” Qamar emphasized.

Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board has also started conducting workshops to educate the citizens regarding waste water management and rain water preservation techniques.

“Recharge Hyderabad” also aims at educating citizens to raise voice against illegal commercial water pumping and transportation of water by the water mafia, local media reported.

Despite monsoons started in June, Hyderabad is still facing problem of fresh water inflow from the two major water reservoirs namely Osmansagar and Himayatsagar. The water levels went down by 12 feet compared to 2018, officials said.

An alarming report published by Business Insider on Monday says that Hyderabad may run out of drinking water in next 48 days which can affect 6.8 million residents.

“Recharge Hyderabad” campaign has to be promoted far and wide to seek precautions before the crisis like that of Chennai.