100,000 Riyals and a Car for the Saudi Military Trainee who refused to take Bakshish from a Hajj pilgrim

Makkah — Saudi Interior Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud announced to confer 100,000 Riyals cash prize and a car upon the Saudi military trainee who refused to take bakshish from a woman pilgrim during Hajj, stating that it’s his duty to serve the pilgrims.

According to Sabq Arabic daily, a video of a military trainee Majid bin Nader Al-Abdulaziz went viral who was deputed in Makkah at the sites of Hajj rituals to direct and assist the pilgrims, and a woman pilgrim approached him to give him bakshish as a token of appreciation for their service.

Majid instantly refused to take the bakshish and said, “This is my duty, I don’t need any money for it,” despite the woman pilgrim kept insisting.

The video won the laurels from the Saudi as well as non-Saudi netizens.

Interior Minister also offered him the city of his choice to work in, and a special invitation to visit him at his office.