TIMELINE: Crime-profile of Qassem Soleimani


A time-lined crime-profile of slain Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani has been created by an independent researcher Abdullah Al-Ghaffari who belongs to the Syrian town of Idlib.

It starts from 1979 till 2019.

  • 1979-1983: Killing dozens of Sunni Kurds in their uprising.
  • 1983: Exploding the American embassy in Beirut which led to the killing of 60 civilians.
  • 1986: Hijacking plan of the Iraqi airlines in 1986 so it crashed killing 60 civilian passengers.
  • 1988: Hijacking plan of the Kuwaiti airlines and killing two Kuwaiti citizens.
  • 2003 till date: Merciless executing of more than 5,000 Iraqi Sunni scholars.
  • 2009: Killing of hundreds of students and protestors in Tehran.
  • 2013: The architect of using chemicals in Ghouta (Syria) 2013 which led to the killing of more than 3000 civilians by suffocation.
  • 2013: Besieging and killing more than 700 civilians in al-Qusayr (Homs) in Syria.
  • 2014: Besieging the city of Homs in Syria.
  • 2016: Killing tens of thousands of civilians in two months after besieging and destroying city of Aleppo in Syria.
  • 2016: Importing 110,000 Shitte mercenaries to Syria who inflicted calamities on the Sunnis and raped their women in al-Safira.
  • 2016: Destroying the city of Mosul and causing the killings of 15,000 civilians and burying them under the rubble.
  • 2016: Committing the massacre of residents of al-Saqlawiya area of Syria and killing 1500 Sunnis and burying them in the mass graves.
  • 2016: Evicting the people of Diyala city of Iraq and dragging them into the streets.
  • 2017: Besieging al-Zabadani and Madaya cities of Syria to the degree of killing 1000 children.
  • 2017: Besieging the Yarmuk camp in Syria for two years until the Palestinians started eating leaves out of hunger.
  • 2018: Destroying the eastern Ghouta city of Syria and killing more than 15,000 civilians after besieging it for three years.
  • 2018: Destroying cities of Idlib and Hama and killing more than 25,000 civilians.
  • 2019: Killing of 1500 Iranian protestors in one month of protest.
  • 2019: Killing of 1200 Iraqi protestors in three months of protests.
  • Evicting 13 million Syrians by making them stateless and homeless.

U.S. president Donald Trump ordered the airstrikes to eliminate him for the regional stability and peace.

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