HEALTH: Ways to exercise your feet in your Home and Office


Your feet will be much stronger and healthier as a result.

To truly be healthy, you need to exercise all major areas of your body. That includes your feet. They play a major role in your daily life, and need to be strengthened to serve their purpose.

Beyond wearing comfortable shoes, finding time to give your feet a workout can be difficult when you have a desk job. Luckily, if your job keeps you seated throughout the day, there are still ways you can exercise your feet. They include the following:

Give them a Massage

Working out doesn’t always need to involve straining. Sometimes, it can be a very nourishing experience.

For example, you could use the time you’re seated at your desk to give your feet a massage.

Roll a tennis ball, golf ball, or similar round object (you may need to experiment with a few options before determining which is most comfortable for you) beneath your feet, massaging the muscles.

This will relieve chronic tension and promote better circulation. Your feet will be much stronger and healthier as a result.

It’s also worth noting that the relaxing sensation massage naturally induces may help you stay more calm and focused at work.

Strengthen your Arch

The arch muscle is one of the most important components of the foot. You need to strengthen it whenever possible.

This is another goal you can achieve without getting up from your desk. With your feet on the floor, pull the ball of the foot back to the heel. Don’t curl your toes when doing this.

Once you’ve reached the highest position you can achieve, hold it for a few moments and splay your toes, then push down on the entire foot, holding for a few seconds.

Repeat with the other foot, five to ten times for each foot. During this exercise, you may begin to sense the degree to which your arch truly supports a substantial amount of pressure.

Strengthen your Ankles

Don’t overlook your ankles! It’s also crucial to strengthen the muscles in this area of the foot.

You can do so at your desk by pushing your feet against the side of the desk, the back of the desk, or the floor. Push as hard as you can for about 15 seconds, then release. Repeat five times, and try to cover all directions.

What you’ve likely noticed about these exercises is their simplicity. They are easy to perform, but can nevertheless deliver significant results. They also prove even desk workers can exercise their feet properly throughout the day.

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