FAITH: The greatness of the Qur’an and its rights


By Ustaad Bilal Bin Abdullah Salafi

This book will advocate its reader…

The literal meaning of the Qur’an is “reading”. The most widely read book in the world is the Qur’an.

The Qur’an is the last book of Almighty Allah. The Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him on whom the Qur’an revealed, was the leader of the Messengers of Almighty Allah.

The angel who came down with the Qur’an, is the leader of the angels, that is Gabriel.

The month in which the Qur’an was revealed became the greatest month that is, the Holy Ramadan. The night in which the Qur’an was revealed became the most glorious night that is, the night of Qadr.

The land on which the Qur’an was revealed became the greatest and holiest land that is, the Makkah Mukarramah and the Madinah Munawwara.

The believers before whom the Holy Quran was revealed are the best people that is, the Companions. The followers on whom this book was revealed became the best of the followers of religion.

This book is the source of guidance for humanity, this book is the cure for all diseases, this great book is all mercy, it has the solution for all problems, it is the great advice for all humanity, reading this book is worship, one will earn ten rewards in reciting one “letter” of the Qur’an, then there are 2.7 million rewards in reciting the whole Qur’an.

This book will advocate its reader.

This book gives guidance, understanding and the cause of happiness and salvation to its reader, following this book is the cause of guidance and greatness.

Teaching, learning, preaching and explaining the Qur’an is a great work, this book is the cause of the exaltation of the Ummah.

Yes, this book is the most respected and honourable. So, learn and teach the Holy Qur’an, recite this blessed book, make your life operate according to it, convey it to humanity, appreciate it and honour it.

The secret of our dignity and progress lies in this book. May Almighty Allah grant us humongous power and enthusiasm to understand this holy book as the Salafi Saalihin understood it.

Ustaad Bilal bin Abdullah Salafi is lecturer of Salafiya College Srinagar Kashmir.

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