Muslim World League chief says ‘Extremists harmed Islam’s reputation’, over Macron’s ‘Islamist Separatism’ speech

Riyadh – Extremists have harmed Islam’s reputation, said Muslim World League’s chief Mohammed Al-Issa on a TV show while responding to French president’s plans for tougher laws to tackle “Islamist separatism”.

On October 3, President Emmanuel Macron vowed to implement tougher laws to tackle what he called “Islamist separatism” and defend secular values. He further said that Islam is a religion that is in crisis all over the world.

An interviewer of MBC television show asked MWL chief about his views about Macron’s comments.

Dr. Al-Issa said, “These are people who are falsely considered Muslims. These have harmed Islam’s reputation with their radicalism and extremism – and sometimes, their violence, including their terrorism”.

“These do not represent Islam at all, and if we defend them – whether directly or indirectly, (that would mean) we are exactly like them”, he added.

When asked about Macron’s comments about Islamist separatism, Dr. Al-Issa said extremists and terrorists were the first to isolate themselves from Islamic society.

He emphasized that Muslims living in non-Muslim nations should respect the constitutions, laws and cultures of the respective countries. He said that this concept was clearly stated in 2019 Makkah Declaration, which was signed by thousands of clerics, preachers and Islamic scholars from all the world.

The declaration called for anti-extremism, religious and cultural diversity, and legislation against hate and violence.

Islamic scholars have lately expressed great concerns about Islamist ideology or political Islam which has evolved in the name of Islamic faith, and has been attracting Muslims with delusional promises. Their actions have caused Muslims more harm than benefit, and their existence will keep endangering Muslim lives and existence.