‘Turkey has gone too far, behavior unacceptable’, says Greek FM Nikos Dendias

Athens – Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Denias said that European Union should come to a conclusion to give clear sign to Turkey that it has gone too far, and its behavior is unacceptable, Al Arabiya reported on Thursday.

The minister said that, “What we are facing is a challenge of a neo-Ottoman state which tries to impose its will upon its neighbors, with violence if needed”.

“We see Turkey transfer mercenaries to Syria, to Libya, to the Southern Caucasus, terrorist mercenaries, a huge danger for the public order of all countries of the region,” he added.

Dendias believes that Turkey is attempting to overwrite the rules in the overall region of the Mediterranean.

“Turkey is trying to undermine President el-Sisi’s government in Egypt; Turkey is present wherever there is trouble. Turkey has invaded Syria and Iraq”, the Minister said. “Sometimes the EU has allowed Turkey to arrive at the wrong conclusions, and that is not good for Turkey, not good for the union, not good for the Turkish society, and it is not good for the peace and stability in the Mediterranean and generally in the region”.

“For many, a country [Germany] dedicated to peace should not sell weapons to a country [Turkey] threatening peace and stability and threatening EU members”, he added.

In the conclusion he said, “We cannot even perceive that Germany would allow a country to threaten Greece; Germany would not allow a country that threatens EU members with war to possess attack weapons that can change the overall balance in the region”.