OPINION: Why Saudis love Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman?


by Kauser Al-Arbash

The young Crown Prince came to us, who understood us and knew what we want and what our dreams are as Saudi women and Saudis.

We Saudis at home offer love to the world, but the Western world in particular does not understand us, and unfortunately, it does not believe us. It is unbelievable that we are blessed with the security that a person dreams of, that we walk in the streets without the sounds of bullets, our children sleep without worry, and we spend our time in peace, that our country is in safe hands, and our natural rights are available.

We in Saudi Arabia, as other countries have schools, hospitals, public facilities, and prisons as well. Like all countries of the world, the good citizen goes to his affairs. That is why the law came into existence. This is what happens in all the world. But they do not believe! Ask any citizen or resident, have you been arrested while you are going to work? Or are you looking for sustenance for your children?

We in Saudi Arabia live in a state of harmony that the West does not understand, between the citizen and the leaders of his country, an unwritten, implicit, inherited state that runs in blood that cannot be subject to scientific justification or theorizing. So the young Crown Prince came to us, who understood us and knew what we want and what our dreams are as Saudi women and Saudis. So we loved him above love. Do they understand?

Whoever wants to hear the truth about human rights in any country, let him take it from the people, not from those fleeing because of their weight! There are no haters, lost, and do not know what they want! It is not sick in their minds. Take it from a woman who drives her car to work peacefully, take it from a happy father who returns to his family every day, take it from a safe child in the neighborhood park

There are two pictures of Saudi Arabia, one inside, and the other outside. The distance between them is like the distance between Heaven and Hell. I do not need to point my finger at those who have tarnished us. But what matters to me is that every Saudi and resident knows that he is in a country that respects the right to existence, belief, life, and money.

Kauser Al-Arbash is a member of the Shura Council, member of the Board of Trustees of the King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue, and Opinion Writer. She tweets under @KowtherMusa.

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