Indian Urologist removes 13-cm kidney stone, makes record-breaking surgery ever


by Jaafar Siddiqui

An Indian Urologist successfully operated a record-breaking surgery by removing the 13-cm kidney stone from the ureter. 

Dr. Khizar Raoof, MBBS, MS, MCH Consultant Urologist who works at Olive hospital, Star hospital and Shalini hospital in Hyderabad, India, have applied to enroll in the genius book of world record as he operated on a 13-cm stone at a Ureter which is a pipe connecting the kidney and the bladder. The stone has outsized the previous record of 11-cm kidney stone.

The stone was found in a 28-year-old female who consulted Dr. Khizar in 2020, The challenge was to operate on the patient in a minimal invasive fashion. Initially it was decided to remove the stone through endoscopy but due to its large size, it was concluded that it won’t be possible, and it was instead removed through a small incision. The patient retuned home on the third day of the surgery followed by her catheters and stents removed on the 15th day. 

Dr. Khizar said, “The exact location of the stone was sitting right at iliac vessel, one of the major vessels of the body that supplies blood to the lower limb and other parts of the pelvic region. This created the major risk of blood loss but gladly we could complete the surgery very quickly”.

Another groundbreaking surgery Dr. Khizar operated on was a lady who consulted for the severe pain in the kidney, and multiple stones were diagnosed in her kidney. After the surgery it was discovered that 750 stones have been removed from a single kidney.

“We expected through the imagery there would be multiple stones but finding out 750 stones in a single kidney was astonishing and it’s incredibly rear”, said Dr. Khizar. 

Formation of a kidney stone is a very common issue, but if it’s not operated timely it can become serious, according to a study. Each year, more than half a million people go to emergency rooms for kidney stone problems and it is estimated that one in ten people will have a kidney stone at some time in their lives. 

A kidney stone is a hard object formed when body produces too much waste to secrete through urine, but too much waste in too little liquid causes crystals to form which further attract other elements and create a solid stone which continues to grow if not treated and removed out of the body. 

Severe and continuous pain in the back, belly or side, vomiting, fever, nausea, blood in the urine, strong odour in the urine and pain during urination could be the symptoms of kidney stones. 

Drinking less water, intake of diets which contain high sugar and salt, increased consumption of the processed meals are the most common causes behind the formation of the Kidney stone.

Dr. Khizar said, “Drinking too little water and consumption of high amounts of sugar and salt is a major cause for the kidney stone formation in the Indian peninsula, whereas in the western scenario metabolic conditions are more prevalent, where the body is generating excess of something which can lead to the stone formation”.

There is a strong relationship between a lifestyle and Kidney stones, sugary drinks, excess meat, and high sodium diets can create favourable conditions for a stone to form and grow. It’s important to not overindulge with fast foods and packaged meats.

“The kidney stone has become common in the younger generation which wasn’t usual earlier, it can be said that the diet has played a crucial role in the spike of kidney stone cases among children and teenagers”, Dr. Khizar said. “In my opinion any food which is packed should be avoided, even if you want to eat sugary food inculcate more natural food items into your diet, food that you or someone at your home have prepared”.

Food industry came up with an efficient and cheaper way to produce sweetness through artificial sugar made from the corn-starch. Many experts believe that high- fructose corn syrup is the key factor responsible for today’s obesity epidemic. “High- fructose corn syrup has about 200% more glycaemic index than regular sugar”, said Dr. Khizar

He further advised to avoid eating any food that’s packed and processed and instil at least 30 minutes of exercise daily in your routine to avoid kidney stones and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

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