‘Can we grab a Jew and kill him?’: How the late Salafi Imam Albani rebuked the questioner


by Zahack Tanvir

Frustration packed with emotions, and enthusiasm packed with ignorance have always led to destruction.

Anti-Jewish hatred began after 1947, especially after the Israel and Palestine conflict. Most people have no idea about what’s what and who’s who in this conflict. A party is portrayed hero and a party is portrayed villain, while innocent people are offered to the altar of political gods.

However, after Abraham accords, those who observe the current affairs came to a realization that anti-semitism has only been used as a bait to catch the fish, and nothing else.

Islamist terror groups from Al-Qaeda to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), from Lebanese Hezbollah to Houthi militia in Yemen, from Muslim Brotherhood to ISIS, every other organization has used the anti-semitic slogans to garner the support of Muslims for their political agendas, while all hell broke loose upon the Arab and Muslim countries, and comparatively Israel has been least affected politically and economically.

Salafi Jihadism often comes into picture while talking about modern wave of terrorism. To the contrary, contemporary Salafi Imams and preachers have never approved the extremist practices, and have openly refuted them through their talks and writings. Some of them are, Shaykh Saleh Al-Fawzan, Shaykh Rabi Al-Madkhali, late. Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen, and late. Shaykh Albani, etc.

According to a transcript translated in English by Abbas Abu Yahya from United Kingdom, the late Salafi Imam Albani was asked, “If one of us grabbed a Jew, is it permissible to kill him?”

The Imam who passed away in 1999 was asked, “Today in Palestine our people are in a situation of a continuous struggle with the Jews. Is it permissible according to the Sharia’ if one of us grabbed a Jew, is it permissible to kill him?”

The Imam was surprised and responded, “Is it permissible to do what!?!”. Questioner said, “Permissible to kill him?”

The Imam asked, “Okay, is it permissible to kill a Jew? Kill him!? Where? Here or over there?”

The questioner said, “Over there”.

Imam said, “Over there, my brother do you not see that when a Jew is killed then in return a great number of Muslims are killed, have you not seen this!!? Those killed from the Muslims are so many more!!?”

Questioner expressed that the killing is for “putting fear into their hearts”. Upon which Imam responded, “No!! It is not essential that it is like this.”

The questioner was curious to now “until when do we do this?”

Imam responded, “It is not essential that it is done like this!”

He further said, “Imagine, if your situation continues like this, what will be the result? What will the Muslims be watching and witnessing!!? And the Palestinians, what will they be slaughtered for? What will be the result? A Jew is killed and in return tens of Palestinians are killed, thousands imprisoned, what will be the result? Will this be a victory against the Jews?”

“This is not the way, in reality the Muslims have now mistaken the way of Jihad. Jihad begins with Jihad an-Nafs (Jihad of one’s own self) like the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said: ‘The Mujahid is the one who makes Jihad against his desires for the sake of Allaah’. I am not talking about the hadeeth which is famous on the tongues of the people, ‘We have returned from the minor Jihad to the major Jihad’, because this is a weak hadeeth”.

The above conversation is a sound proof that the approach taken by contemporary Jihadi groups and organizations holds deviated and misguided teachings which are alien to Islam.

Frustration packed with emotions, and enthusiasm packed with ignorance have always led to destruction. It is need of the hour to rectify the past mistakes, and look forward for a progressive future where Islam is no more exploited for political goals.

Zahack Tanvir is a Saudi-based Non-Resident Indian. He is a Computer Engineer, and also holds Dip. in Journalism from London. He often writes and tweets against political Islam. He can be followed under @ZahackTanvir.

Disclaimer: Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not reflect Milli Chronicle’s point-of-view.

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