Bahrain Hotel Hijab Issue: Was Manager Indian Hindu or British?

Manama – A news has gone viral on social media that an ‘Indian Hindu’ manager has stopped a Hijab-clad Muslim woman from entering an Indian restaurant in Bahrain. However, the reality is, the manager was a British man not an Indian Hindu.

The incident came to limelight after a video went viral that showed one of the staff members blocked a veiled woman from entering the facility. The video drew anger and criticism on the social media, and Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority (BTEA) launched an investigation into the incident.

Meanwhile, India’s radical left attributed the incident as an aftermath of the recent Hijab controversy that has taken place in the south-Indian state of Karnataka.

However, Bahrain-based Mariam Naji tweeted, “The truth is the manager is British not Indian”.

She further added, “The owner of the restaurant is of Indian origin and he did not like the behavior of the British worker, so he gave me a personal apology and showed me how upset he was”.

Naji also said, “In Bahrain we respect all religions, and this was the behavior of a person representing only one person and no more”.

Arab Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, etc. do not enforce and bully the followers of other faiths and religions. People from various diversities, religions and cultures peacefully live and earn in these Arab nations.