An agreement has been made to boost cultural events in Jeddah

Jeddah – A partnership agreement was recently signed by representatives of the Jeddah Literary Cultural Club and Al-Hijaz Cultural House in the city’s famed Al-Balad neighbourhood to promote cultural events.

In addition to supporting and fostering the development of young talent, the project aims to host a number of educational, cultural, and training activities for youngsters in Al-Balad.

Abdullah Al-Sulami, the club chairman, stated that one of the key terms of the agreement was to establish cultural and social activities. He also said that everyone who “plays a constructive role in thinking and caring for young men and women, developing their talents, and presenting them to a conscious and promising society” must participate in the community partnership.

Mohammed Al-Hasani, the manager of Al-Hijaz Culture House, said the association with the club would be run by the Abqar Poetry Hub, which organises monthly events like poetry readings and seminars for budding writers under the direction of poet and journalist Abdulaziz Al-Sharif.