After a Hindu man was killed in Meerut, Muslim homes were set on fire, according to police


Meerut – “We have control of the issue. A senior police officer and a police crew have camped out in the area, according to a top police official.
After a Hindu man was allegedly shot dead on Sunday night, at least two Muslim homes were allegedly set on fire on Monday in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut district, according to authorities.

Four persons have been taken into custody in relation to the homicide. To prevent a flare-up, a sizable posse of police officers has been stationed near Palda hamlet, the scene of the two events.

His murder was allegedly committed by several Muslim kids with whom he allegedly got into a fight during Holi, according to his family, Bahadur added.

On Monday morning, when the deceased’s body arrived for the funeral rites following a post-mortem, tension broke out in the village.

When 500–600 people gathered for Vishu’s burial, “three–four youngsters” from the side of the accused set fire to their neighbours’ homes, according to senior superintendent of police (SSP) Rohit Singh Sajwan, who was speaking to the news agency PTI. However, the police on the scene quickly pushed them away.

A complaint will be filed against those who attempted to start a fire, he promised.

“We have control of the issue. A police team and a senior police officer have camped out in the village, according to Bahadur.According to the authorities, five people are accused of being involved in the murder. While four persons have been detained, searches are currently being made for the fifth.

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