Indian G20 presidency opposes watering down green hydrogen standards


New Delhi (Reuters) – India is opposed to diluting the definition of green hydrogen to include fuel produced from low carbon energy, as some developed nations have proposed in G20 meetings, Power and Renewable Energy Minister R K Singh said.

In an interview with Reuters, Singh said India, which holds the rotating presidency of the G20, has proposed “harmonisation of the best possible standards” to regulate trade in green hydrogen, which should be produced using only renewable energy, rather than low carbon fuel.

“Why should countries, which have been preaching the virtues of energy transition and de-carbonisation, back something called low carbon. It’s either clean or not clean,” he said.

Hydrogen, made by electrolysis plants that split water, can be used as a fuel. If the energy used to power the plants is renewable, it is called green hydrogen.

Singh said the Indian G20 presidency had put forward a draft definition that he considered reasonable and held discussions with various countries.

“If the world wants to decarbonise, the world must agree on a definition of green hydrogen. Without harmonisation of standards, you won’t have trade,” he said.

The draft definition assumes there would be some unavoidable green house gas emissions from the overall production process, including from the necessary equipment.

It proposes setting a limit of 1 kilogram CO2 equivalent for every kilogram of green hydrogen produced and the energy source for producing the hydrogen must be entirely renewable, a government official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to speak to the press.

Across the world, countries are turning to green hydrogen as a solution to climate-related energy problems.

India in January said it had approved an incentive plan of 174.9 billion rupees ($2.11 billion) to promote green hydrogen to cut emissions and try to become a major exporter in the field.

The subject is expected to return to the G20 agenda next month

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