‘Life’s Journey to Serve the Nation’: Saudi Major General Khaled Al-Mareed shares insights and lessons in new book


Riyadh — Major General Khaled Al-Mraeed, a distinguished retired military officer and former commander of the Saudi Arabian National Guard, has launched his new book titled ‘Life’s Journey to Serve the Nation’ in Arabic language, which is recently published by Jadawel Publishing House in Beirut.

In his book, Major Al-Mraeed shares his experiences and insights gained over his long and illustrious career in the military. He documented his upbringing and education in the Saudi north, when his family moved from Riyadh to the northern border, where he grew up, in national tasks at the beginning of administrative development in Saudi Arabia. He also talks about the challenges he faced, the lessons he learned, and the sacrifices he made in order to serve his country.

The book also documented important events in the history of the Saudi military, especially the Ministry of the National Guard, to which the author affiliated early and spent his military life in it, dealing with a number of national roles and military missions carried out by the National Guard in the service of the Saudi state, which makes the book a document in Saudi military history.

Major Al-Mraeed’s book is a testament to the bravery and dedication of Saudi military and its leaders.

The book contained 296 pages, which is a valuable addition to the Arab library and increases its balance, especially in the military aspect and its history.

The book is expected to inspire a new generation of young Saudis to serve their country with dedication and commitment, and to uphold the values that are at the core of the nation’s identity.

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