Biden Administration transfers $3 Bln to Iran, tweets UK-based Political Analyst


London — Biden administration transferred $3 billion to Iran, UK-based political analyst Amjad Taha tweeted on Wednesday. He questioned the administration’s double standards, that it discourages allies from engaging with Iran, while it steps in to aid the regime.

Taha tweeted, “Knock, knock! Who’s there? The Biden administration! They’ve got a surprise for you: $3 billion dollars transferred to Iran. But hold your chuckles, folks, because it’s not a joke… apparently. They claim it’s for humanitarian cases. Now, the real punchline?”

“They want the Middle East to trust them, while discouraging us from building relationships with Russia and China. Let’s hope the geopolitical comedy show doesn’t leave us all in stitches”, Taha continued.

There is no doubt that the U.S. has a complicated history with Iran. The two countries have been at odds since the Iranian Revolution in 1979, which led to the overthrow of the U.S.-backed Shah of Iran and the establishment of an Islamic Republic. Since then, the U.S. has pursued a policy of economic sanctions and isolation towards Iran, accusing the country of supporting terrorism and pursuing nuclear weapons.

However, the situation in Iran has changed in recent years. The country has been hit hard by economic sanctions, as well as the uprising caused by the custodial death of Mahsa Amini in 2022, which have caused widespread suffering among the Iranian people.

U.S. discourages its allies specially the Saudi Arabia and UAE, from engaging with Iran, Russia, and China. However, with the China-brokered Saudi-Iran deal in March, Saudi Arabia has exuded its autonomous right to execute its choices without American involvement.

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