Makkah Imam Sudais Emphasizes Significance of Celebrating National Day


Jeddah – Imam Sudais of Makkah has underscored the importance of celebrating National Day, asserting that it represents a powerful embodiment of patriotism, carries the weight of a religious duty, and fulfills a national demand.

National Day celebrations are a significant event in many countries, marking a moment of unity, pride, and reflection on a nation’s history and achievements. Imam Sudais’ remarks serve as a poignant reminder of the role that patriotism plays in shaping a cohesive and thriving society.

Abdul Rahman Ibn Abdul Aziz al-Sudais, commonly known as Al-Sudais, serves as one of the nine imams at the Grand Mosque, Masjid al-Haram, in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. He also holds the position of president at the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques.

Known for his enchanting recitation of Quran, and influence in Makkah and beyond, expressed the view that celebrating National Day extends beyond mere festivity. Instead, he believes it represents a deep-seated sense of love and loyalty to one’s homeland, echoing the sentiments of countless individuals who cherish their nation’s values, traditions, and shared identity.

The Imam’s statement takes on added significance as it positions patriotism as not just a cultural or civic sentiment but as a religious duty. This perspective aligns with the belief that love and devotion to one’s country can be seen as an extension of one’s faith and commitment to the well-being of the nation’s people.

Moreover, Imam Sudais contends that celebrating National Day is not merely a personal choice but a collective and nationwide aspiration.

As Imam Sudais’ message serves as a compelling call to action for individuals and communities to come together, celebrate their nation’s achievements, and renew their commitment to the principles that unite them.

This also shows that loving your country can mean different things to different people, including being connected to your faith and community. It reminds that National Day brings everyone together, no matter where they come from or what they believe in.

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