Muslim World League Chief Meets Ethiopian Islamic Affairs President in Makkah


Makkah – The Secretary-General of the Muslim World League and Chairman of the Association of Muslim Scholars, Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, recently held a meeting with Sheikh Haji Ibrahim, the President of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, and the accompanying delegation at the league’s headquarters in Makkah on Saturday.

During the meeting, the two leaders engaged in discussions on various topics of mutual interest, with a particular focus on the implementation of the Muslim World League’s initiatives in Ethiopia. This meeting signifies the growing cooperation and collaboration between the two prominent Islamic organizations.

One significant outcome of the meeting was the presentation of engineering plans for the Najashi Mosque. The Muslim World League had previously announced its intention to establish the mosque in Ethiopia, and now, Al-Issa personally received the plans for the mosque’s construction. The Najashi Mosque is expected to become a symbol of Islamic heritage and a center for spiritual and educational activities in Ethiopia.

The Muslim World League plays a crucial role in promoting Islamic values, fostering dialogue, and strengthening relationships among Muslim communities worldwide. Its initiatives encompass various domains, including education, interfaith dialogue, and social welfare. By expanding its activities in Ethiopia, the league aims to support the country’s Muslim population and contribute to the development of the Islamic infrastructure.

Ethiopia, a country with a rich cultural heritage and a significant Muslim population, welcomes the Muslim World League’s efforts to establish the Najashi Mosque. The mosque’s construction will not only fulfill the religious needs of Ethiopian Muslims but also serve as a platform for promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding.

The meeting between Al-Issa and Sheikh Haji Ibrahim highlights the importance of international cooperation among Islamic organizations. By exchanging ideas and working together, they strive to enhance the well-being of Muslims and promote the values of peace, tolerance, and unity.

The Muslim World League’s commitment to establishing the Najashi Mosque in Ethiopia demonstrates its dedication to supporting Islamic communities worldwide. This initiative is expected to contribute to the cultural and religious diversity of Ethiopia while strengthening the bonds between Muslims in different parts of the world.

As the plans for the Najashi Mosque move forward, the Muslim World League and the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council will continue to collaborate closely. Their joint efforts aim to create a vibrant Islamic center that will serve as a symbol of unity, spirituality, and knowledge within Ethiopia.

The meeting between Al-Issa and Sheikh Haji Ibrahim marks a significant step forward in fostering mutual understanding and cooperation between the Muslim World League and Ethiopia. It sets the stage for further collaboration in the future, as both organizations work together to advance their common goals and promote the values of Islam.

The establishment of the Najashi Mosque in Ethiopia will undoubtedly contribute to the religious and cultural landscape of the country, while also strengthening the ties between Ethiopia and the Muslim World League. It is a testament to the league’s commitment to nurturing the global Muslim community and promoting peace and harmony worldwide.

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