Thousands of Indonesians Protest at US Embassy, Urging Biden to Halt Support for Israel’s Gaza Offensive


Jakarta – In a massive demonstration held on Sunday, thousands of Indonesians gathered outside the US Embassy in Jakarta, calling on President Joe Biden to cease his support for Israel’s ongoing military offensive in Gaza. The protest aimed to draw attention to the devastating consequences faced by Palestinians, with the death toll reaching nearly 19,000 and over 1.9 million people displaced in the besieged enclave.

Dressed predominantly in white and black attire, the Indonesian protesters prominently displayed traditional Palestine scarves while chanting slogans such as “Gaza, Gaza don’t you cry, Palestine will never die.” They also brandished Palestinian flags and banners reading “Stop Genocide,” “Ceasefire Now,” and “Israeli genocide funded by the US.”

The demonstration, organized by more than a dozen Islamic mass organizations, strongly denounced US support for Israel and its recent veto against a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza at the UN Security Council. Nazar Haris, from the executive committee of the Islamic mass organization council, delivered a speech outside the US embassy, stating, “Palestine is our spirit and soul. We oppose what is done by America and Israel. We call on President Joe Biden and the US government to stop the war crimes.”

During the protest, some participants carried mock-ups of deceased Palestinian children, serving as poignant reminders of the tragic loss of innocent lives. Others painted their hands red to symbolize the atrocities committed by Israeli forces.

In addition to urging President Biden to alter his stance, the demonstrators demanded that the Indonesian government file a case against the Israeli leadership at the International Criminal Court and recall the Indonesian ambassador to the US in protest against Washington’s support for Tel Aviv.

Nurjannah Hulwan, the head of the KPIPA women’s coalition, expressed her solidarity with Palestine, stating, “Today we ask countries around the world, where is your humanity? As long as Palestine is not free, Indonesia still carries a debt.”

Indonesia has long been a steadfast supporter of Palestine, viewing Palestinian statehood as a mandate outlined in the nation’s constitution, which calls for theabolition of colonialism. Ahmad Heryawan, a member of the executive committee of the Islamic mass organization council, emphasized the unwavering commitment of Indonesia, saying, “As long as Palestine’s independence has not been granted, we will always stand up to fight for it.”

Simultaneously, another protest occurred at the National Monument complex in Jakarta, a few kilometers away from the US Embassy. These demonstrations represent the latest in a series of massive protests that have taken place across Indonesia since Israel initiated its deadly offensive in October.

A study published by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz revealed that the proportion of civilian deaths in Gaza during the first three weeks of Tel Aviv’s onslaught stood at approximately 61 percent. This figure is significantly higher compared to the average civilian casualties observed in conflicts worldwide during the 20th century.

Ahmad Zaky Qolbuddin, a protester, condemned Israel’s actions, stating, “Israel’s actions are not acts of war; it is genocide. Just like what it said in Indonesia’s 1945 Constitution, all colonialism in this world must be abolished.”

The massive gathering of Indonesians at the US Embassy in Jakarta sends a powerful message of solidarity with the Palestinian people and urges President Joe Biden to reconsider US support for Israel’s offensive in Gaza. The protests highlight the strong belief among Indonesians that the plight of Palestine must be addressed, in line with their constitutional commitment to fight against colonialism and support the rights of oppressed nations.

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