Saudi FM demands apology from Canada for harsh tweet and demands equal rights for Canadian Indians


New York – Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir responded strongly and demanded Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland on Wednesday to release an immediate apology for accusing the Kingdom of treating it citizens as “a banana republic.”

At an event at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York he said: “What are we? A banana republic? Would any country accept this?”

“You owe us an apology. It is very easy to fix — apologize, say you made a mistake,” he added.

Responding to the rumors that both the countries will reach an easy resolution, Jubeir said that Saudi Arabia’s stance in the dispute remains the same, and that Canada did not change its stance either.

He expressed clearly, “In Canada we became a political football. Find another ball to play with, not Saudi Arabia.”

Jubeir also said that US, UK, and Germany have criticized Saudi Arabia in the past over several issues but never made such demands which Canada has done.

He demanded Canada to declare Quebec independent and grant equal rights to the Canadian Indians.

“It is outrageous from our perspective that a country will sit there and lecture us, and make demands,“ Jubeir said.

Saudi Arabia had frozen new trade with Canada and expelled the Canadian ambassador in retaliation for Canada’s call to free the arrested terror suspects. Later it ended all educational and medical programs in Canada yb relocating millions of Saudi students and patients to other countries.

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