Bangalore Masjid funds Hindu patients with over Rs. 2.5 lacs every month


Bangalore – A Masjid in Bangalore has regularly funded medical treatment of over 175 Hindu patients every month with over 250000 Rupees.

Masjid Charminar Ahle-Hadees located in Shivajinagar, Bangalore, which dates back to pre-independence India has projected a marvelous example of serving humanity amidst the surging communal debates and polarizing politics in the Indian society.

According to a special report of News-18, the donation collected from the worshippers every Friday is used to fund medical treatment of Hindu patients who have been frequenting and benefiting from the Masjid for the past few years.

Usha – a relative of a patient told the media about how the Masjid has been supporting her family through their thick and thin for the past one year.

Subramani – a kidney-failure patient explained his obstacles in getting the dialysis treatment done, and how he benefited through the Masjid funds.

A handicapped patient Anil Kumar – who runs an auto-rickshaw for his livelihood – also expressed gratitude towards the Masjid for monthly funding his dialysis treatment.

While addressing the media, Doctor Nasser Hussain – Rajya Sabha Member, said, “I was under a wrong impression that non-Muslims are not allowed in the Masjid, but this has cleared my misconception.”

He praised the efforts carried out by the Masjid committee.

L. Hanumantaya – Rajya Sabha Member was also present at the occasion. He was highly impressed by the efforts and praised it while addressing the local media.

Aijaz Ahmed Quraishi – committee member of Masjid Charminar, told, “all the funds we collect after Friday prayers are given to the poor and needy medical patients”.

Another member of the committee – Nawab Khan Quraishi said, “over 175 non-Muslim patients get benefited through our funds”.

Shaykh Abdul-Azeem Madani – Friday sermoner of the Masjid, said, “the role of a Masjid in Islamic Shariah law is very wide and vast. Masjid is not confined to only worship though it’s the toppest priority for its construction. Masjid is also a place to serve humanity irrespective of their religion, caste, color and race”.

“Prophet Mohammed – peace be upon him, built Masjid-e-Nabawi (in Madinah) to serve different aspects of a social soceity besides worshipping Allah Alone”, he added.

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