Five Tablighi Jamaat suspects get arrested by RPF, while returning from Nizamuddin “Jod”

Nizamuddin – Five members of Tablighi Jamat have been arrested on Thursday by Railway Protection Force (RPF) while they were returning through Simanchal Express from Nizamuddin Markaz after attending “Jod”.

Abubakar (52), Abu Salman (35), Shahnawaz (30), Aftab (35), and Fuzail (40) were taken into custody at Tundla Junction around 11 am by RPF personnel.

Around 100 Tablighi Jamaat members boarded Simanchal Express at Anand Vihar Terminal, when the train reached Tundla Junction.

RPF personnel barged into the coach and were initially arresting three suspected Nepali members of the group, however the other two Bihari members were arrested for intervening and faulting the arrests.

“The RPF personnel tried to take away three persons with them forcibly. When two another members of the team objected, the RPF men also arrested them”, said one of the co-members.

The suspects have been sent to Lucknow for further investigations.