OPINION: Cases should be filed against Suvarna TV anchor Ajith for blaspheming the Prophet


by Advocate Abdulhameed Padubidri

Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) is a ‘Mercy’ to the whole world “Rahmathullil Aalameen”.

We are the followers of that great man and we should be fortunate to be his Ummah for the betterment of this life and life of hereafter. He is the final messenger and “seal of prophets”, whom Allah sent for the guidance of the whole mankind.

While he was very strong in upholding and propagating the oneness of ALLAH as per His commandment, he was very soft in dealing with all affairs of lives of the people in both the worldly and heavenly matters.

He brought uncivilized people into light from the darkness. He shaped a rich civilization through his great message.  That’s the reason, even his deadliest enemies used to call him as “Al-Ameen” (most trusted one). He is most unparalleled and matchless personality on the earth (Ashraful Khalq).

As far as a Mo’min (believer) is concerned, Prophet should be loved by him more than his ownself, his parents, his families, his wealth, and everything.

Even a single word or deed that defames or detests his great personality is not easily digestible and it should be strongly slated and lambasted in the way as it should be.

Our intellectual properties, tangible properties, human resources, unified strengths, powers etc. should be utilized for defending his sacred personality. But, all these should be within the Islamic and legal boundaries without harming others or damaging anything.

Strong adherence to Islamic values and respect to our systems/laws should be remembered because the Prophet (peace be upon him) is our role model in all aspects.

What we observed from the good reactions of our people and others alike in Karnataka and other parts of India and gulf countries is, after Suvarna News TV’s  Ajith Hanumakkanavar spat the venomous bubbles against our Prophet (peace be upon him), a wide-length of  protests in a legal and a very democratic way are on the move in many parts of Karnataka, largely in the coastal regions of DK, Udupi, Bhatkal etc.

NRI Muslims and other compatriots of different faiths in gulf countries including Saudi Arabia are also on the active mode in this regard.

We need to accelerate our agitations against his mindless remarks on organizational or individual basis (like submitting complaints, totally discouraging his TV channel, filing cases in courts, filing complaints in ministry of information and broadcasting etc.).

Also we need to see him to be booked under the relevant law of the land and to be arrested.

However, our abiding to the system/law should not be treated as weakness by any authorities and state Government.

The government and concerned authorities should take this matter seriously so that peace and order shall prevail in the society. Please note that the defamatory remarks uttered by Ajith is heinous and a very serious offence.

Let us hope for the justice and equity.

Advocate PA Hameed Padubidri is an Indian Lawyer, writer and freelance journalist from Udipi. He has worked as Legal Advisor in a Riyadh-based Saudi defense company in contracting department for the past 12 years.

Disclaimer: Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not reflect The Milli Chronicle’s point-of-view.

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