Bangalore IT professional attempts suicide due to hair-fall problem

Madhurai – An IT professional from Madhurai district of Tamil Nadu attempted suicide on Thursday owing to extreme hair-fall condition and the depression due to hair-loss.

R. Midhun Raj, a 27-year-old IT professional formerly working for Infosys Bangalore, attempted suicide in his hometown while his mother arrived at the right time to rescue him.

Raj has started to suffer from extreme hair fall problem for some months. With the drastic hair-fall, he grew weak and unrecognizable, which surprised his colleagues and neighbors.

Despite Raj started to undergo medical treatment, but due to constant pestering from neighbors and colleagues, he started to slip into depression.

According to his mother Vasanthi, he resigned from his job and started to live with her in Madhurai.

After consulting the specialists time and again, when he couldn’t get instant treatment, he decided to commit suicide by hanging unto a ceiling fan. However, Vasanthi arrived at the right time and rescued him.

Police have booked a case and have started investigation into the case.