Dubai inaugurates “Quran Park” to bridge gaps between non-Muslims and Muslims

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UAE – Dubai Municipality has inaugurated “Al Quran Park” in al-Khawaneej area on Friday. The park aims at educating visitors on the miracles, stories of the Prophets, and flora and fauna mentioned in the God’s final revelation – The Quran.

The announcement came on Municipality’s official Twitter profile on Friday. The entry fee is free for all visitors irrespective of their background.

The sole idea behind the park is to fill the intellectual and cultural vacuum between different cultures, religions, societies and Islam.

The 60-hectare park have all available plants mentioned in the Holy Quran along with facilities such as an attractive main entrance, an administration building, an Islamic garden, children’s play areas, Umrah corner, an outdoor theatre, areas for showing the miracles of the Quran, fountains, bathrooms, a glass building, a desert garden, a palm oasis, a lake, a running track, a cycling track and a sandy walking track.

God mentioned over 54 plants in the Quran which include fig, pomegranate, olive, corn, leek, garlic, onion, lentil, barley, wheat, ginger, pumpkin, watermelon, tamarind, seders, vineyards, bananas, cucumbers and basil.

UAE Government has focused on promoting moderation and tolerance to combat extremist ideologies, and to bridge the gaps between non-Muslims and Muslims.