Indian Muslims vs. Muslim Countries: Doubting the faith of Indian Muslims


by Dr. Umme Abdullah Khan al-Hindi

It’s better that those Muslims who live in Muslim majority countries try and be sensitive to the condition of Muslims living in countries of non-Muslims and their limitations instead of slapping titles of “Munafiq” and “Murtads” on them based on pure ignorance.

Recently a Pakistani Sheikh based in Makkah-Saudi Arabia conducted a live-video session through his Facebook page, which titled “Advice to Indian Muslims”, the Sheikh went on explaining the principles of “Al-Wala wal-Bara” for around 20 minutes. Later he switched on to the “attacking mode” wherein he named few Indian Muslims and termed them “Murtad” or apostates.

And for those who claim themselves to be followers of the Salaf or pious predecessors, then one of the principles is—and I’ll quote here the book of Dr. Abdus Salam As Suhaymi كن سلفيا على الجادة and the page number is 64 under the chapter titled

(بعض القواعد في المنهج السلفي)

This is the fourth principle mentioned in this chapter and is as follows:

 (إن درء المفاسد مقدم على جلب المصالح)

Which is loosely translated as – preventing evil/chaos takes precedence over establishing matters.

Which means – it is a principle of Salafiyyah that we try to avoid fasaad and harm in the face of danger and that takes precedence over establishing certain matters of religion—in this case, showing hatred for the disbelievers while living in their country where the general atmosphere is one where the ruling party and the rulers are seeking every opportunity to defame/oppress or cause riots among people so as to inflict maximum harm over Muslims.

Proof of the Principle

Shaykh Abdus Salam As Suhaymi presents proof directly from the Quran for this by mentioning the Words of Allaah the Most High, Exalted be His Mention.

“And insult not those whom they (disbelievers) worship besides Allah, lest they insult Allah wrongfully without knowledge. Thus We have made fair-seeming to each people its own doings; then to their Lord is their return and He shall then inform them of all that they used to do.” [Ref: Quran 6:108]

In this ayah, Allaah is commanding us not to insult the false gods of the Disbelievers so that they don’t insult Allaah back—this is the best example we can have. If we are not to insult their false gods due to backlash and retaliation upon our One True God who Worthy of Worship, then what about the retaliation upon lives of human beings?

Are Indian Muslims not supposed to be wise, follow this principle and stay silent?

Nobody, especially those who follow the principles of Tawheed and Salafiyyah, nobody from among them is supporting the disbelievers against Muslims. But is it necessary that Indian Muslims should fly green flags and make oaths of allegiance to Pakistani army or leadership knowing very well that they will be labeled as traitors and can end up in jail or worse, be killed by a mob. Is this what you all want?

There are many other evidences regarding this principle in the book on the same page and following pages but as Shaykh Al Albani said One evidence is enough for a seeker of truth while a 1000 evidences are not enough for a follower of desires.

It’s better that those Muslims who live in Muslim majority countries try and be sensitive to the condition of Muslims living in countries of non-Muslims and their limitations instead of slapping titles of “Munafiq” and “Murtads” on them based on pure ignorance.

Instead of being self-styled Shaykhs and Shaykhahs, it’s better for Muslims to go and consult scholars on this issue if they are so concerned about the Islam and Eeman of Indian Muslims instead of passing ignorant judgments on them.

And those slapping Nawaqidhul Islam principles on Indian Muslims must remember that the same book has another principle that a false Takfeer leads the Takfeeri to leave the fold of Islam. And the same goes for a person calling another Muslim as HYPOCRITE.

Those labeling their brothers and sisters with these dangerous titles should fear Allah, restrain their tongues and comprehend the gravity of their statements. There is no dearth of true scholars in our lands. Ring one of them up, explain to them the situation of Indian Muslims and ask them what they are supposed to do.

If you can’t do that, better stay shut.

Another question to Muslims living in Muslim majority countries today you are talking about Walaa and Baraa when the question is about your COUNTRY. Where were your voices when 10,000 Muslims were slaughtered in Gujarat riots? I never saw a leader from Muslim majority country neighboring India or any activist or media person questioning the killing of Muslims. Why did nobody from the entire Muslim world raise a voice against that massacre?

Now just because it’s a matter of your army, Indian Muslims must put their lives, honor and wealth in danger. Where was that army when Muslims in India needed help? Don’t confuse your nationalism and patriotism with Salafiyyah or principles of Tawheed. It’s disgusting how some Muslims use these principles to hide their inbuilt patriotism towards their country and trying to pass it off as Islam.

As a matter of fact, Indian Muslims have had to face more problems due to cross-border extremist organizations. Every few years they conduct attacks and Indian Muslims face problems. It’s just like the situation in Palestine/Israel. Hamas throws a petrol bomb and Israel razes Palestinian civilian homes.

Dr. Umme Abdullah Khan al-Hindi often writes on Islamic and Social issues.

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