NO “Halal Disco and Nighclub in Saudi Arabia”, it’s only a “high-end” Café by White brand of Dubai


Jeddah — There are no official reports about the opening of the Halal discos or night clubs in the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, however Dubai-based White brand were in talks in April to open a “high-end” Café and restaurant in Jeddah.

The news report about the Halal nightclubs was originally written by a UK-based Muslim Brotherhood news-agency, which quotes—but it has no mention of Halal Disco or nightclub in Saudi Arabia whatsoever.

According to Arabian Business, CEO of Addmind Hospitality Group Tony Habre expressed that Dubai and Beirut nightclub brand White will open as a high-end café and lounge in Jeddah.

“Speaking to Arabian Business, Tony Habre said the firm is currently in talks to open White café in the kingdom, but hasn’t signed a partnership yet,” it says.

“We haven’t signed yet. We’re talking to some people… White café will be more high-end… with high end decoration,” Habre said to Arabian Business.

“The Saudi market will be great, because the local community goes out a lot. You have people in the country who go out a lot,” he added.

In the complete report, there is no mention of Halal Disco or nightclub being opened in Jeddah.

In the mean while, a video clip allegedly showing an ongoing disco party in Jeddah has come under the vigilance of General Entertainment Authority (GEA) of Saudi Arabia.

The ministry has ordered immediate probe and denied giving any permission to conduct disco party.

Similar propagandas were made in the past which had no basis or relation to the truth and fact in a least bit.

Experts have always warned the readers to sieve the information before accepting it, as a global survey published on Tuesday revealed that 86 per cent of Internet users are fooled to believe fake news, which is majorly spread by Facebook.

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