Blind people can reach Makkah mosque hassle-free using special tracks getting built by Saudi authorities

Makkah — Now blind people can reach Makkah grand mosque without any hassle and any support using special tracks being built by municipal cooperation of Makkah city in Saudi Arabia, a Makkah daily newspaper reported on Sunday.

Blind people use white sticks and would require someone’s help to cross the roads and walk around in the city and it was a great hassle to reach their destinations. Municipality will first build special tracks in Al-Otaibiyyah, Al-Khansa and Ibn Hassan streets and later it will be extended to all-most all streets.

“The blind will be able to walk safely and comfortably without going out of the tracks till their arrival at the desired destination,” municipality officials said.

Makkah Municipality is also building a guide which explains the height and elevation calculations so that blind people can walk and reach their destinations based on their calculations. —Saudi Gazette