Religion-based violence in India can seriously damage economical growth, says Godrej Chairman


New Delhi — Rising intolerance, hate-crimes, and forcing people chant “Jai Shri Ram” can seriously damage India’s economic growth, Indian businessman and chairman of Godrej group Adi Burjorji Godrej highlighted it during a lecture on Saturday.

Godrej, however, congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for coming up with a grand vision to build a new India and nearly double economy to a $5 trillion boom during his second term as India’s Prime Minister. But he instantly added that surge in the religion based voilence can seriously damange India’s growing economy.

“It’s not all a rosy picture now. One must not lose sight of the massive impoverishness plaguing our nation which can seriously damage the pace of growth going forward and prevent us from realising our potential,” Godrej warned while addressing a gathering to celebrate the 150th anniversary of his alma mater St Xavier’s College.

“Economic growth will be impacted if “rising intolerance, social instability, hate-crimes, violence against women, moral policing, caste and religion based violence and many other sorts of intolerance that are rampant across the country, are not contained to ensure social harmony,” Godrej added.

He also said that unemployment has gone highest upto 6.1 percent in the last 40 years, and Governmetnt has to tackle it as early as possible.

He warned that if Indian Governmetn doesn’t fix these fundamental issues, the country cannot reach to its true potential growth.

The tough remarks came amidst the surge in religious intolerance in India, where Muslims are subjected to inhumane torture, and are forced to praise the Hindu gods, despite the bully being fulfilled, the victims are mercilessly killed.

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