Malaysia announces Visa-Free 2020 entry for Indian and Chinese tourists

Kuala Lampur – Malaysian government on Sunday announced visa-free entry for Indian and Chinese tourists throughout 2020.

According to a statement issued by the Malaysian government signed by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, the new visa policy will allow tourists to stay upto 15-days and they must enter and exist Malaysia only through authorized airports and entry points.

However, tourists should register themselves before arrival using the electronic travel registration and information system – either individually or through travel agencies in their respective countries.

Further, it stated that, upon arrival the tourists are supposed to produce proof of sufficient cash for expenses, credit card or bank-card, and produce their travel itinerary along with a valid return ticket.

The tourists will be able to travel to Malaysia within three months after registration, and the 15-days stay duration cannot be extended and the tourists cannot apply for any other passes under the Immigration Regulations 1963.

It has also been reported that Malaysian government aims at attracting 30 million international tourists for the “Visit Malaysia 2020” campaign which is estimated to make upto 100 billion Malaysian ringgit.