Qatari forces open fire at protesters, 1 killed and several arrested

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Doha – Qatari security forces on Thursday opened fire at protesters, killing one citizen while several others were arrested and their houses were raided.

Massive protests started off in the gulf-state on Monday leading to arrests and lock-down over discriminatory election law approved by Emir Tamim Al Thani.

The new discriminatory law that states only those Qataris who settled in the country before 1930, can take part in the elections, which infuriated members of Al Murrah tribe who constitute 25% of the Qatari population.

Security forces raided several houses and citizens were detained based on suspicion.

It’s also reported that Qatari royal family has always marginalized the tribe.

Meanwhile, Qatar’s Al-Jazeera media network is questioned for turning blind-eye towards the events. Though the network is popular for reporting every small and big event taking place in the region, especially during the Arab-Spring 2011 it played an infamous role.